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Created 5-May-13
35 photos

The Divorce series takes the viewer on an artistic journey through the end of a marriage, the rebuilding process, and a happily-ever-after. Taking snapshots and experiences from my own divorce, mixed with narrative artistic creations, I share a variety of personal emotions from heart-broken and depressed to hopeful fairytales I continued to cling to. I combine each photograph with song lyrics and journal entries.

This is the most personal project I have ever embarked upon, sharing very intimate thoughts, even using myself as a nude model, and photographing my ex-husband. This series started as a need to express feelings visually, as words alone could do no justice. As time went on, creating this and other photos helped to make peace with the failure of my marriage, and allowed me to forgive myself for past mistakes, and capture these moments to look back upon later and see how far I'd come. My hope is to share these emotions and touch visitors who may have experienced similar circumstances or explain the depth of sorrow and rebuilding of hope to those who will never experience such a tragedy in their lives.
My Unborn ChildrenThe Weight of FailureAnd the World Fell AwayWhere You Used to SleepHome is BehindBrokenAbandonmentChrysalisCrawlPretendBetter Days

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