This project, funded by ArtsinStark, examines hunger and homelessness within Stark County. According to the Stark County Hunger Task Force, in 2015 there were 27,000 people served by their organization each month. That is an astonishing number of people who need assistance. I don’t believe that our community fathoms the reality of the problem right here in our neighborhoods.

There are many prejudices and misunderstandings about the homeless and the hungry. Many believe that hungry people must be lazy. But that is just not true. Everyone has a story. I spoke with a single mother with 3 teenage boys who has two jobs, but feeding 3 boys is expensive. She uses Refuge of Hope to supplement the meals she purchases. Clearly she is not lazy.

Their stories can help to remove the stigma attached to hunger and educate the public on ways to help right here in our community.
Seeing helpful organizations in Stark County, Ohio, in action, I was touched by the good work they do and the incredible stories that patrons had to tell.



Click here to view the photos and read the stories of the Hungry in Stark County, Ohio.


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